...About PDC
...About PDC

Performance Development Corporation (PDC) was founded in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in 1987 as a technical and scientific support services company.


Our mission has always been to provide our government, industrial, and service sector clients with excellent assistance and support in the achievement of their goals using our effective, innovative management, engineering, and business strengths.


PDC continuously pursues a rising standard of excellence in customer service, growth, reputation, and entrepreneurialship by demonstrating that our customers are the heart of everything we do, our growth is firmly rooted in our engineering and scientific strengths, our reputation continues to be our most important asset, and our entrepreneurial spirit is central to all of our activities.


For each project, PDC selects a dedicated and experienced project team from a pool of over 100 professionals. The team is selected based on the knowledge and specialized training required for the project. PDC personnel average over twenty-five years of experience, providing our customers practical, cost-effective, timely solutions. Our staff provide our clients a full spectrum of services coupled with the personal attention rarely found in our industry.

corporate values

Innovation is the first step to excellence. Innovation begins with continuously devising better ways of doing everything we do, from the ideas we develop for our clients to the delivery of the final product. Innovation helps us not only work harder, but also smarter.
Applying quality ensures that we provide a product that meets the client's needs with a degree of value that exceeds all expectations.
To achieve excellence in service, we must meet all of the commitments we make to our clients. Maintaining a close personal contact with our clients helps us to improve both products and services.
Integrity is a major part of all our activities. It is inherent in our standards for innovation, quality, and service, and it is demonstrated in openness and honesty toward our community, our clients, and ourselves.


  • ABB Alstom
  • Advanced Management
  • Allied-Signal
  • Allied Technology Group
  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC
  • Bechtel Nevada
  • British Nuclear Fuel Services
  • Canberra Industries
  • Consumers Power
  • Department of Energy
  • DuPont
  • EG&G
  • East Tennessee Materials & Energy Corp. (M&EC)
  • Foster Wheeler
  • Gene Research Access Corporation
  • Goody's
  • GTS Duratek
  • Harding Hill LLC
  • Jackson Paper Company
  • Lockheed Martin Energy Research
  • Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • M4 Environmental
  • MAXIMA Corporation
  • Manufacturing Sciences Corporation
  • Mason & Hangar, Silas Mason Company
  • Modern Technologies
  • Molten Metals
  • Nuclear Filters Technologies, Inc.
  • Nuclear Fuel Services
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • PAI
  • Perma-Fix
  • RIS Corporation
  • Rod Rodriguez, Inc.
  • Science Applications International Corporation
  • Scientific Ecology Group, Inc. (SEG)
  • Shannon & Wilson
  • State of Illinois
  • Stone and Webster
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • University of Alabama
  • University of California
  • Wackenhut
  • Waste Management
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  • Westinghouse Hanford Company
  • Westinghouse Savannah River
  • Wisconsin Public Power
  • World Computer Systems Service